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web designer dude

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I knew that if I were to be an artist, I would have to steal time from the work-a-day world artists hope to escape from to build up my practice and my personal history as an artist through the creation of works. I was poor and had to figure out how to work through my artistic ideas at little expense, so watercolors were a good way to begin.

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mondrian boogie woogie painting

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“I am so amazing this web design stuff is pretty cool.”

web designer dude

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Of a Private Nature

It is my search for you. It is because of mutual interest who unfortunately died. It is [in] no way understandable that you will need you: a customer who is understandable. You will be properly understood,

this is my vantage position in charge of mutual interest executing a special Language Translating machine I am the Bank of China Hong Kong and reach out to you,

TRUSTING that you will give this particular letter. It is my message to translate my privacy/urgency this particular letter is of leadership

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and I am using to your local language and this unusual manner to share with you. My duty to write and [of a] very private nature. Snippets found in spam email

Slightly Ironical Smile

I ran away considerably now to inspect the characteristic countenances. Enter a gentle stream of air;  enter a wholly restrained sort of psychic marvel, unexplained without some instances of living death,

sometimes cold and then, by a few answers, the breath coming from crowding too closely to cry with the staring, lifeless, glassy eyes which can scarcely be heard [in] every direction, rolling along in commotion

[as] if craving for release; taken and passed away from crowding about the profound terror which this marvelous intelligence of the weird actions of the puzzling, mysterious potentates, celebrated heroes, thieves, murderers, and so on,

[over] an appearance of general, horrible, eerie, shuddery feeling. It might soon have been given the strangest feature of [the] horror of a supernatural story. The flood which was to be concealed inside; a face expressing a slightly ironical smile.